No man has lived to much purpose unless he has built a house,

begotten a son, or written a book. (Italian Proverb)


In Ireland, a writer is looked upon as a failed conversationalist.

(Author unidentified)



   "...a suspenseful political thriller with a         setting and time frame intriguingly             different."

It is said that he who saves a life inherits a permanent responsibility for that life. But what responsibility does the saved life incur? Can such a debt ever be repaid?

When Alex Dexter’s life is saved by an Ethiopian soldier in Korea in 1953 he never expects to repay that debt. However, that opportunity arises 13 years later when they are reunited during Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassies' 1966 visit to Jamaica. 

The Emperor's visit is set against a backdrop of intrigue and deception, involving espionage, assassination, betrayal and redemption, all of which unfold in the resort towns and backwaters of this beautiful Caribbean island.            

✮✮✮✮✮     “A particularly insightful political thriller”


“In his well-received first novel author Jack Deeney offers an authentic and insightful picture of the history and customs of a country and people he knows well, Jamaica. Into this colorful background he drops Alex Dexter, a reluctant participant in a CIA plan to thwart an assassination attempt against the visiting Emperor of Ethiopia. Deeney draws his characters with a strong, precise pen, like Hitchcock, imbuing them with the true to life emotions of normal people caught up in the unfamiliar and violent world of international espionage. A rip-roaring good read that will keep you turning the pages.”

M. R. Davidson - Senior Operations Officer (retired) Central Intelligence Agency

✮✮✮✮✮       "A fast-moving and nuanced thriller"



"Set primarily in Jamaica with side scenes in Korea and New York City, the book centers on Alex, a young businessman who is duped into a CIA plot by an old friend.  The story has everything: romance, vividly etched characters, treachery, and a plot with more twists and turns that an Egyptian belly dancer on smack.  Among his many virtues as a writer, Deeney has a cinematic eye.  Hollywood should be casting THE LION DOMINION right now.  It is a natural for the big screen. By the way, there are two romances in THE LION DOMINION: one between Alex Dexter and his girl, Maria and the other between Deeney and the Isle of Jamaica.  After reading his novel, I have to go to Jamaica!  Meanwhile, I'll await Deeney's next novel.

Dr. Kevin Ryan (PhD) "Founding Director of the Boston University Center for Character and Social Responsibility."

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  (scheduled release date...August 2011)

"...a rambling trip down memory lane            with a shortcut through Sardi's                   Restaurant."

A collection of remembrances of people, famous and not so, living and not so, whom I have had the great good fortune to get to know over the last 56 years.



(scheduled release date..January 2012)

When OPEC's attempt to play the "oil card" for the first time during the Six-Days War in 1967 is an embarrassing failure, everyone in Washington concludes there is no future threat; everyone, that is, except the one man in the CIA who understands the oil business and knows it's only a matter of time until OPEC gets it right.

The POWER AND THE PRICE takes us on a perilous odyssey through the capitols of the world's oil-producing nations - Caracas, Mexico City, Baghdad, Tripoli, Riyadh - and most perilous of all, Washington D.C.

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