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   American Association of University Women                  Excerpt from MEMOIRS OF AN AMNESIAC
   (Danbury CT) Annual Scholarship Fund Raiser             "AN EASTER STORY-ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN  
   La Fortuna Restaurant, Bethel CT                                   (Scheduled for September 2011 release)

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   (sponsor - The Danbury CT Public Library)           Excerpt from MEMOIRS OF AN AMNESIAC     

A conversation with author Jack Deeney about his             (Scheduled for September 2011 release)
historical novel THE LION DOMINION, a tale of                 "Jack Deeney: Of Reagan and Sardi's" international intrigue and espionage involving
Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie and set on the
island of Jamaica during the Emperor's visit in 1966. (events) 170 Main Street, Danbury, CT



> Onstage: Reggae Concert-5 Nov. 2010            > Hearst Newspapers - 18 Nov. 2010       
    Jack Deeney presenting an inscribed copy of THE LION          Profile of Author and THE LION DOMINION        

     DOMINION to International Reggae Star MAGIC BOWIE.      "THE AUTHOR, THE EMPEROR AND SARDI'S"                                                                                                                                                                       

    >"Amazon Reviews"THE LION DOMINION

          ✮✮✮✮✮ THE LION DOMINION -"a fast-moving          and nuanced thriller."       

        ✮✮✮✮✮ THE LION DOMINION -“a particularly            insightful political thriller”

      ✮✮✮✮    THE LION DOMINION - “an exciting             tale remarkably readable with suspense                   and intrigue on every page.”

         ✮✮✮✮    THE LION DOMINION - " well written            story that takes the reader on a trip from the          battle fields of Korea to the luxurious setting          of Montego Bay. Jamaica.


> THE LION DOMINION published 8/12/2010


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